August 31, 2008

siti nur fariehin only if you can read this..

siti nur fariehin only if you can read this..

siti nur fariehin bt sheikh mohd mustaffa..

i committed to much failure to you..
the dream we used to build
lean back to the times we used to felt
really miss them

i don't know how you could be so strong on this..
while i keep floating and drowned with the flow..
eating my own soul seeing those tears seeing those sad faces

the angle was here with me..she used to hold my hand and to guide my line..
watching over my step while building the mansion..yet there is me who neglected her hand..who pick to step blind foldly..and i Fall even i don't want to..this arrogance in me even stomp me harder..

siti nur fariehin bt sheikh mohd mustaffa..

keep achieving as it what you're meant to..i rather choose to be left behind seeing you finishing your scroll while me still here screwing what i should have done better
finishing the incomplete bussines. too much step i've taken wrong its time for me to deserve it back..i don't mind if you forget bout me..let just its only me who only think bout you after all bad deeds i return to your perfect love..for all this long

sometime i used to said to myself you are

too beautiful for me..
too smart for me..
too kind for me..

it made me belief that this unfinished tie we try to hold for this long.. is worth for you not me..who live in the fake live i built..trying to be what i already left..

yup there are so much prince out there is waiting a princess like you... not a civillian like me..they are equal rank equal smart equal almost in everything to you..
for sure they can love you better than bout you..

the moment i screwed let it remain there back to the past where i left them..its you who can judge better not me..its you no matter what its you who deserve to punish me..and i accept it as i sold my soul to the devil

siti nur fariehin bt sheikh mohd mustaffa..

sometime shame outcome me..when a failure strike me deep in the heart while seeing you on the top that i always dream on..

i know who i am..i've been tested and a total failure..i know my rank i know my right...i hope you'll find the love of your heart..i have found mine its you and i let it go..neva da happiest day for me to see it come back but the moment it flies happily without me..can neva be pictured..

some says 'there is only one person will realy2 love you in your life..' for me that's you..

siti nur fariehin bt sheikh mohd mustaffa..if only you can read this least let me know how are you doin...

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