November 4, 2008


some says go into something that can guarantee you
what you guarantee can do..

this mean a person isn't able to be consistent in what ever they guarantee there's a proof
for me..maybe

a -system- is something that 'enable' us enable into something, and guarantee you

in a fact you are ask to do something that you don't like, that can guarantee you

should or shouldn't you against it?

in me if an immature act and think may force or influence to 'against'

this what 'less thinker do' but 'smart thinker' will do it

there is other alternative to expand your rebellious in doing the thing you against(dislike)

just think about it..

a wisdom to share- a friend of mine were ask to do petroleum engineering yet he can do it even he have no clue in it.. he study and learn even that is not his interest..

but that is what his father guarantee him a place in PETRONAS..

even that is happening right now he enjoy living himself out ..without distraction of his studies

a conclusion- you are not surrounded 24/7 by the path you choose even you dislike it
what you need is to think an alternative to breach the path and live in your world you manage. a path is a path even it is hard.. it got nothing to do with how you going to live it.

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