November 24, 2008

nasi lemak and milo tabur..

they know how to said..they said Majlis fatwa should banned muslim from using the airplane to mecca for reason christian who invented a response from majlis fatwa banned the yoga and they said that Malaysia should use multilanguage as a matter of unity and prosperity..

but do they know the idea of aeroplane itself came from a muslims who died in his trial flight??far2 away long ago before the wright christ brother founded it..and the idea of cross shaped of a plane is an adaption from bird and got nothing to do with christianity poor wright brother..i guess nobody read their full report..

the multilanguages its nothing wrong in the idea but whats the reason to baffled the it enough of english..??english is a world language even in foreign school all over the world learn english to show unity and prosperity but use multilanguage??ahaha is it one??or multy prosperity multi-unity..even in a world cup final they don't use refferee from both team that vs eachother..that show a non buyer situation..thats why we used english i guess..i guess...

they asked to change name palace of justice to istana keadilan as a fact if the government show full respect of our nation official languages but i guess if that happen ..there will be 2 others language to be added in signboard to palace of justice..equality huh??ahahaha to show respect for other languages also..its happening though in other cases

or maybe..

let just be relevant and get rid of plolitics for a while ..lets sit back and enjoy a nice milo tabur and a plate of nasi lemak.. it seem everybody agreed in food..and everybody agreed there is nothing wrong hanging at mapley /mamak ahahaha

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