December 22, 2008

that butterfly ache..

at this point of my life i used to have her to guide me

at this state of my emotion i used to have her by my side to calm me..

at the time when i am speechless she used to talk to me..

at the point which i need somebody she used to lend her ear and to share her wisdom...

at this moment i just can't deny that i miss her..

i know you never gonna know bout this

i know now i am ignored by you

but i'll keep writing.. bout this feeling,those moments i used to have with you..

i'll keep telling that everyday to myself that your love is irreplaceable

it is true..your face just just too beautiful to be put away as my wallpaper..

i still kept your last text to me ,it stay in the inbox i am not sure if there's any to come in the future

all your sweet lil notes..that cute lil love letter you used to sip in my pencil box are still there in my drawer even it feel like ages since we'are out from highschool..

those crunchy wrappers..that couple tee..will remain in my keep and accompanie me evryday..just to said and comfort this lil broken heart of mine that we used to be together and how great that love and moment we used to have..

everyday i pray like i used to pray for our happiness and love to be blessed

just my prayer hoping for Allah to show me if this are meant to me and show me if this are the best way between us..and hoping for you to have a blessed life besides your love ones..

planting seeds of hopes that you'll comeback some days..and put my miserable away..hoping for guidance hope powerful soul like you to face all this..

i just cant ignore you even to forget every step i take..

this finger that used to text u.. that used to dial your number..can't stop doing it..
this mail..friendster and all that used to have our chat are no longer receiving it..

and myself will be much grateful and so happy to found out if you text or mail me first..

i just want you to know i need you.. yes i have felt your lost
and the pain wont heal..

a word from you worth a day full of smile.. a morning greet from you worth a day full of happiness..

i need you..every step i take seem full of emptiness and no matter how hard i try to chill up myself..there's you at the end of it that kept me awake that im just an ordinary

sad,lonely lost soul..

i hope there's a blessing in disguise..i hope very hard..but theres nothing much2 more i am hoping than your comeback..



AtiRa RusLan said...

Dealing with the pain and heart break is never easy.
We just have to live the days as they are set out and not live in the past.

Just remember, you will survive.
If you can keep calm, everything will be okay.

The road to recovery is short and beneficial to our being. Without a broken heart, we may never know what we really want or really need.

Surviving is the key, but after the survival of this terrible ordeal we find peace and someone better.

be strong, will you?

nazrien said...


~enon89~ said...

haloo dude..

it's hard 2 tell your mind 2 stop loving sum1 when u're heart still does...

when speaking of lost love, time may heal all wounds but there will always be scars..

love is born wif a smile..
grows with a kiss n dies wif a tear..

let time n fate handle everythng..
n we juz follow..
okie bro?

nazrien said...


usop said...

ak x phm..

nazrien said...

ini dalam bahasa jerman