December 21, 2008

thrissyia day out

this evening -a.k.a- petang tadi

ak bwk adik aku yg kcik g taman permainan -a.k.a- Me and my lil sis out to playground

dengan muaz and iqbal yg juga adik aku -a.k.a- along with muaz and iqbal which is my lil brother la

nk g taman kanak2 di Tmn Dr Seenivasagam -a.k.a- i was planning for a trip to Tmn Dr

singgah di yik fong mencari cd konsol Ps2 -a.k.a- drop by at yik fong to find ourself ps2 cd game

isya igt ktorg tipu die dan menarik muka yg ala2 nk mendatangkan masalah -a.k.a- my lil sis found out our dirty little trick..which is to went out using her but its not really direct la..the main objective is still there but like old malays said 'sambil selam minum air' and she pull out that troublesome face

aku blikn die aiskrim cornetto klasik Rm2.20 yang die suke -a.k.a- i bribe her a nice cone of cornetto klasik which cost me Rm2.20 and which also her favorite ice-cream

die teros ok wat sementara waktu sementara muaz masok ke YF mencari Cd -a.k.a- my agent went for the cd while i distract the main objective

dapat cd dan chaloo ke taman DR -a.k.a- sub-mission complete and proceed for the main objective

skali sampai penoh da.. -a.k.a- the park was full when we arrived

gerak gi taman polo lak dgn abah skali yg kbetulan terjumpe dtgh jln -a.k.a- met my parents while me on my wheel to taman polo and decide to regroup there..

lokasi penoh tapi ok la adik aku nk main sgt lgpn parking byk.. -a.k.a- yet the park also full but i still got a parking lot for my car..

bebaskan isya ke medan perang -a.k.a- i let my lil sis to the warzone

isya penat ari da senja kami pn balek -a.k.a- isya exhausted and we're off to Hq

singgah di kedai shabri (medan selera stadium )for mee bandung -a.k.a- drop by at shabri mee bandung at stadium foodcourt

sampai umah -a.k.a- safely returned to Hq

mission accomplished!got ACE COMBAT BELKAN WARs..for ourselves hee selepas
baru abeskn ACE COMBAT UNSUNG WAR so yg ni next episode la..

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