December 9, 2008

Waking The soul up!!

finding myself as a lame..and a blip in a society radar..keep me wondering in next few years what will this me became in this so called society..well that's for the intro just to wake me up..wake up from pretending as what i got today is what i got since i was born..that the real word would be what left for me now is what i keep loosing eversince i got it..i was baffled by myself when my fingers so eager to press onto this keyboards..yet i was questioned by my eyes when it refuses to wake up and have vision like i used to do and my brain who optimized itself to fill my air of thinking with dust and smoke..pall mall filter would sound nice..then..after all this pocket has not fit the charateristic to buy myself a nice marlboro soft pack..i'll wait for the income, every day seem hard now..every move seems to be tricky..and every steps fill with emptiness and a pair of eye full of looks could be full of emptiness..i kept saying to myself again what should i type onto this site..while my fingers still refusing to stop..well i guess im quite happy for myself, actually quite happy for my car who got it radio fixed..ooh my travel wouldnt be so sunyi after this..

notes for my fixed soul...

raya aji seem nice..i have my revenged pay for the raya eid yg sayur..ahaha read my older post..

rock the world would be lame..!!i bet with those bunkface on stage..i guess LO is making money than making the scene as he used to be..most of my friend are refusing to go and would much appreciate if their money is spend on the moshy party two..AHAHA

my air need to be fill ok

gerak dlu..salam~~

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