January 15, 2009


there was nothing interesting in my life as a student here in mauntech arau lately

wait there's one actually,my application for staying in kolej kediaman da lulus da~~


its quite a funny story..but a fine relief in the end..

the trick was simple go to the timbalan pengarah HEP office bring a letter a.k.a surat rayuan

he ask 'what made both of you get kicked out of the kolej kediaman and become non-resident'

we answered like 'x buat clearence mase sem dua'

he replied with a hard voice

'well go straight to the pejabat kolej at kolej resak and see mr iswadi,this case you got to pay the fine only and you both taking a hard way of it by putting yourself as a non resident for one semester'

making a few call that make us see him as an important man..or maybe he smell our dirty little trick..clearence cases never put a student out of the college

we went straight to the office at kolej resak there's no mr iswadi so another staff put us through

'mcm ni la , kami cek balik rekod tgk ape sebab sebenarnye jd nnt kami call balik'

so we are like..ha 'xpela encik nanti kami datang balik and sori la sbb susah2 kn je'

shyt happen man! busted! haha what happened actually my roomate and whole of my room back in the end of semester two was caught blindly by the timbalan pengarah with cigar and ashtray everywhere while we was sleeping and that damn fool iqmal left the door unlocked for a silly breakfast..

it was like a SWAT team raid we were surrounded bye 3 security guard and timbalan pengarah himself

we could only do like nod and pasrah to the end..making us as non-resident for the next semester and got to rent house..

but money is everything ..so duit makin sesak and we planning like ''apply kolej lah
makan pon free'' when the semester 4 was opened

haha the next day went for the office again

'korg punye masalah ni besar , tapi tunggu intake baru da penohkn kolej baru kitorg boley bg decision'

i was like rushing to get off the office as soon as i can..haha i can only say

'oo ade rekod eh encik igtkn sbb xwat clearence..xpela cik saya ade lab nie..nnt apa2 saya datang lek''

zaaapp..flew of ..

apat took the next brave step at the next day..and seeking for the result at pejabat kolej..and he wake me from that tido petang with

'wey jap agi jumpe cik affendi sal kite nye kolej'

encik affendi was kind enough interviewing us ..asking like

'best jd NR?duit cukup??mesti bebas buat ape2 xde Rs kacau..kn?kn?

and me and afat like doing this nerd faces and muka bangsat la menagih simpati


the word flow the cheats go on..susun ayat cantik ,sembang cun etc..kne wat surat akujanji

the end dapat bilik..yay!!

cik affendi pesan

'saya letakkn kata janji saya pada awak ..kalo ada masalah nnt kelak saya yang kena..nk wat ape2 salah!! awak kne janji to be invisible'

he noted us with some barua2 at the kolej that we must put our faces off with..so we were like 'okay la incik,saya janji la incik,saya xkn sia2kn kemudahan ni'

and end of story..

got a nice room and subsidi makan no house rent,no electric bill..no late nite football..no free zone of smoking ..haha


''aku igt kn leh kitai2 lagi uitm nie..tp dorg ade rekod..canggih gak ..aku igtkn cikai je..''

''tu la..naseb bek dapat gak..hahaha blah la ko kes clearence!!igt senang nk tipu uitm hahaha''

seriously we underestimated this whole system of uitm..now..we know..



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haa...tu r ko jebon n da geng..

nazrien said...

haha jangan..

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add ko yah...!

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sbijak kanak2 dumex