February 11, 2009

another sway for another day

as usual the same and lame Tuesday morning..wake up..lepak2 siap2
class started at 8am no big deal.. i still in my schedule even it is 740

745am.. there goes me away from the sweet palace of mine..

at one moment when i believe everything went smoothly..there goes
the encik pegawai keselamatan


ok what the problems now

kad pelajar???he asked..with a pen and a paper..in his hand..

please not another fine..then i came out with word..

"kad matrik kat bukit aman(HQ pegawai keselamatan) kne amek semalam sbb rambut panjang"

"jap agi baru nk g amek..rambut da potong dah"
luckily its a ngam2 cut la for my hair..

ok he let me off..

park the ride and went for the class..8.04am arrived with pride..
as soon as i opened the door..

"eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......!! saya xsuka orang ganggu kelas saya"
doing that annoying look..fierce face to me..

everyone stopped staring at the screen and they stare at me..

uiks..oo da lambat la nie..damn to the pegawai keselamatan

doing those sorry faces and tangan ampun..go for my seat..unpack thing
start to learn

wait for a second...as i stare.. and look.. even blink my eyes for a few times..i realized there is something wrong..

o..spek tinggal!!

DAMN!..seat cun lak la belakang time tu..

i wait for other late comers..but there's none.. and i am the last to come at 8.04 am ..

what a shame..but i guess the attendance seem to have a lot of holes..there goes my explanations..

the late comer never comes.. !!!

end of story

Selasa suey!!


...sarah n... said...

hahaha...tgk lectr gak...kalo muka rimau mmg tak berani masuk dh even cuma lmbt 5min

ade lg sorg lect, lmbt sejam pon dia tarak hal...janji dtg..sempoi gle..

nazrien said...


yg penting attendance..

tapi seyes a segan dow