March 22, 2009

encik shabri dan C++

asal aku nk tulis sal pensyarah berjiwa rakyat ni pagi2 bute??

there's something in him that caught my attention in class..
he is an engineer, a former lecturer in usm, a well known surveyor
own a bright future in civ engineering..and has put his brilliant idea and work for
many highway construction in malaysia

yet he still live a humble live as a lecturer in mauntech (uitm)
what caught me is his wisdom and story

he used to tell us a stories about his life..

childhood he used to in hostel life..
i don't know,every time he sip a story about his past between his lecture

i could only notice student sms-ing..chattering or stare at the book and jot a note
but he laugh well for the hillarious moment he used to have and sometime
i am the only one who caught his joke..while others
laugh just to tease the others..

i seat at the back of the class..
for me..i prefer to be the blip in the radar and not the shining star..
he did not notice me but i guess that what i prefer..

but sir..even i stay at the back i do notice the pod in your eyes..
that deep look..about your past..

i still remeber when u tell our class about Pearson publication try to print out your module
for open publishing and you tell us

"saya xmintak royalti , saya xnk untung,stakat lepas duit modal dah la..lagipn duit lebih saya setiap sem akan sumbang pada masjid..kalo dorg amek alih stakat dapat royalti, jual mahal2 beban student..itu xmenyumbang apa2"

at the time he spoke out this word to tel his student his willingness to help usual
nobody take note..about his word

even duit buku sampai final pn xbayar lagi..pdhl baru bape ringgit..
i do respect you out of the other lecturer..

there's a word from you i quote..

''kalo xmau susah blaja pegi amek sport science..amek kos management, setiausaha ka..pakai smart2 muka jambu..mekap2 ,quit engineering!ini benda simple~~~''

at least you're not like my "c++ " lecturer

"u xtau jawab??mau mati ka!!!??

sigh!!! i can't sleep for c++ the test..


...sarah n... said...

owh, samalah situasi kita.

bila ada test c++ je, sanggup bersengkang mata.

takut dowh!

nazrien said...


susah..ak xfhm motif subjek nie..

iylia said...

hoho...nsib bek da lepasss

nazrien said...

tawu ah
ko hustler

...sarah n... said...

motif dia nak susahkan hidup orang la..

ade motif lain keeee...???

nazrien said...

haha agak menarik..