April 29, 2009

metal ka??


paper sucks

live dull

dont know larh..

2/5 metal core is coming..but
paper xabes lagi.....

nk g set up booth kt one cafe pn xbley

mauntech ouh mauntech..

kalendar mu perosak hariku..

cuti nk setup maen lagu hadko lak dgn seng

pasni kalo battle lagi..nk maen cromok

hahaa..xpn ash fall underoath ke..style gak..

aku mau fender!!!!!

April 23, 2009

sampai cerah

sampai cerah..terkebil2

i can't sleep..sigh..

shivering sambil berselubung dkt meja stadi..

besok paper fluid..

dan rase nk kebah tu xde langsung..

tolong lah esok final...


ini seriyes..

xmau la demam2

matahari da keluar..

kalo demam hari laen xdenye ak nk tulis post kt sini

tapi sbb sok final...

yea final..

matahari da keluar..

aku nk g mkn, lapar..dari smlm ak xjamah pape

rase kurus lak arini..baik klua pagi2

nt xde la org tegor kalo pkai sweater..

maklumlah kt negara perlis nie suhunya bermusim2..

kalo pkai sweater tgh2 hari..nt satu kampus pandang sinis..

"pelajar pertukaran dari negara ape lak tu??"

memang kuang hajo..

panas sampai ke tapak kaki walaupun pkai sliper asadi..

tp ak sejuk..

mkn petang tapau kt member saje..skrg dorg masih keras di alam mimpi..

let start a new day shall we??

April 17, 2009

orang perlis ah!!

ceritha pagi jumaat

orang Perlis seem nice
food cost less here seriously..

outsider know well place to hang out here..and most of them had the same spot to hang out..
of course this little state cause anything less than boredom..

peps are nice..talkative,polite helpful..
they are a little bit left out by other state in Malaysia in some aspect
that is why Bas Mara is still working here

to angkut the orang2 in felda to town..to help them put their farmwork to the market


some BullS"""t datin act which a janda in fact! could be so much annoying
she live in Taman Ria with her new husband and kid about 9years old

classy lifestyle??
just a perdana for her wheel and husband only drive tiara instead..
live in low cost residential area where we mostly student rent house..

the end of semester is coming very close
so time ni la org nk angkut kereta datang uitm tapi parking dekat rumah sewa rakan2
kerana xda stiker nk parking dalam kolej

rumah pnoh dgn kereta

jadi mak datin which live across the road.. nie balik je dari keje hempas2 pintu and aprroach my friend
yg baru nk amek angin depan umah

"boleh x jgn dok parking keta cmnie susah nk kluaq!!"
"orang jenuh nk kontrol stereng xmau belah (langgar) kereta ni"
"saket ati!!kalo boleh malam tolong tutup lampu awai sket"

wtf..the road is wide enough for the lori sampah to go through every morning without a single scratch...lori sampah and kereta berselisih pn lepas
and rumah dak2 nie memang lampu porch tu xpnh bkk pon lepas kul 8 mlaenkn lampu ruang tamu..stady la datin ktorg student..


we could only give a "gelak sinis" despite the shame we took..
she actually takowt nk sound brader2 sbelah yg badan bagak2 besau sbb mostly dak2 degree tahun akhir..that is why la die sasarkn pada rumah dak2 diploma..

naseb baek la student melawan pn x marah pn x..
tercengang je kne sound..

actually its not the first time..
and her husband seem a little bit shame for his wife act

ah pikirla kalo laki ko pn da malu..bini ape la die tu..
at one moment her husband come and ask for apologies

but the event his wife play ,did not play it part seriously in our main daily life..lantak le ko nk marah pown..but keta tu dak2 nie ubah lah gak..

so it goes like..xpe2 haa...kami pn faham..sorila..gak..

end of it..
pity her..The whole neighborhood didn't seem to like her and she doesn't blend well with others..
not event with the Berita Petang Groupies(a group of housewife who gather and talk about whatever their want till Maghrib come)

less love make you unloveable i guess..

the majlis perbandaran kangar slip a love note at the mail box
"kesalahan=tiada tong sampah di hadapan rumah"

i guess the red big "baldi" depan tu bkn tong sampah..so kne tembak kaler hitam lah baru dorg panggil "tong sampah" xpn a label "ini tong sampah"..
haha..mentang2 la ko keje majlis Pebandaran yea mak Datin...

heppy burstday to amer azme!!

April 12, 2009

unconcious recaptured

lately i've been introduced into the most finest word in education

"jilat bontot lecturer"

kaki jilat..hahaha

nice one!!

it'll pull you through your scroll of whatever level without problem..

ceritha aku

got my self safely home..
i am grateful..

and willing to do my best in the final examination..

got a list of "things to do" at home
mainly the reason why i turn myself home for the study week..

some of my full timer blogger suggest me
"why don't you write something that bring benefit to whoever read it?"
he added
"after all that's the meaning of writing isnt'it?"

dear friend..actually i have no intense in making any of my empty-stupid-ugly looking
piece of thrash here a public intention

apetah lagi sbgai bhn smpanan arkib negara untuk tujuan berfaedah..

it is enough for me..and benefit me well sekiyan..

things happen man

lately..everything doesnt seem "sempat " for me
everything on the rush..everything has to change in the last minute

test on friday nite ticket on friday evening same day..rushin to change the date
a day before test..right after i got the text

test venue..i've been informed that the venue changed at the time i stand outside the lecture theatre where the test supposed to be held..rushin in the rain..get my self soaking wet and sit the test..in the most uncomfort way..yet my raincoat also wet..because of the rushin and i've to ride home safely from the test in cold..it's raining seriously heavy..kalo x xde ah kosmo cakap arau banjir

study..i was so panicky about everything misplace all the gadgets..and everything..examination slip not print yet..don't know where to start revising

than a bunch of words covered it all

"its a syndrom of the beginning of a final"


it wont be the same..

April 5, 2009


a few days ago I received a text messages
a friend of mine is planning on quitting his studies..

things get a little tougher i guess..

a small scratch could lead to big crack..
its depend on oneself actually..

i got my own mess..but i have to clean it..myself

ceritha semalam

i was playing Rise Of Nation.. a lil bit lame actually to sit and play games on saturday
yup thats me..

a friend of me..text me...i ignore it..pretending iam out of credit
i am supposed to be a lazy snorlax for the whole day its my time alone
with my room , bed and games..nk qadha balik la weekdays

mcm biasa la jual kata "sahabat" mcm nie ke membe
i turn out to be an angle in blessing for another guy

he kol and insist me to a place.
go there..drop by for a few choki2..haha
i am addicted to this man..even if im on the wheel..

so get there..see a few girl surround one little thing called laptop
along with my friend , they seem to have a complete lost of their mind
about a thing called dreamweaver..a web designing software

they have a lil chat with me..asking this and that..
i still kept it low..than i come for a solution..
i want to help them instead being a "penasihat"

there seem a lil bit agree, pass me the laptop
a list of things they want to add..
and sramble in less than 2 minutes..WTF??

when i was on my way back..received a text
"jeb tlg wat la..nt ktorg bayar ..sbb monday ade test,suh paan tlg ko"

so that the wholes idea...

its FUBAR!

"fucked up beyond all recognition!!"

April 2, 2009


ape yg best..??

nope there's none..

harap2 sempat kejar..

ceritha baru

skali lagi tangan kanan aku cedera...kali ni bkn tebuan..

fakta paling menarik - dah khatamkan 2 lab untuk sem nie..

dan telah submit-lebih dari 30 set lab report..