April 5, 2009


a few days ago I received a text messages
a friend of mine is planning on quitting his studies..

things get a little tougher i guess..

a small scratch could lead to big crack..
its depend on oneself actually..

i got my own mess..but i have to clean it..myself

ceritha semalam

i was playing Rise Of Nation.. a lil bit lame actually to sit and play games on saturday
yup thats me..

a friend of me..text me...i ignore it..pretending iam out of credit
i am supposed to be a lazy snorlax for the whole day its my time alone
with my room , bed and games..nk qadha balik la weekdays

mcm biasa la jual kata "sahabat" mcm nie ke membe
i turn out to be an angle in blessing for another guy

he kol and insist me to a place.
go there..drop by for a few choki2..haha
i am addicted to this man..even if im on the wheel..

so get there..see a few girl surround one little thing called laptop
along with my friend , they seem to have a complete lost of their mind
about a thing called dreamweaver..a web designing software

they have a lil chat with me..asking this and that..
i still kept it low..than i come for a solution..
i want to help them instead being a "penasihat"

there seem a lil bit agree, pass me the laptop
a list of things they want to add..
and sramble in less than 2 minutes..WTF??

when i was on my way back..received a text
"jeb tlg wat la..nt ktorg bayar ..sbb monday ade test,suh paan tlg ko"

so that the wholes idea...

its FUBAR!

"fucked up beyond all recognition!!"

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