April 12, 2009

unconcious recaptured

lately i've been introduced into the most finest word in education

"jilat bontot lecturer"

kaki jilat..hahaha

nice one!!

it'll pull you through your scroll of whatever level without problem..

ceritha aku

got my self safely home..
i am grateful..

and willing to do my best in the final examination..

got a list of "things to do" at home
mainly the reason why i turn myself home for the study week..

some of my full timer blogger suggest me
"why don't you write something that bring benefit to whoever read it?"
he added
"after all that's the meaning of writing isnt'it?"

dear friend..actually i have no intense in making any of my empty-stupid-ugly looking
piece of thrash here a public intention

apetah lagi sbgai bhn smpanan arkib negara untuk tujuan berfaedah..

it is enough for me..and benefit me well sekiyan..

things happen man

lately..everything doesnt seem "sempat " for me
everything on the rush..everything has to change in the last minute

test on friday nite ticket on friday evening same day..rushin to change the date
a day before test..right after i got the text

test venue..i've been informed that the venue changed at the time i stand outside the lecture theatre where the test supposed to be held..rushin in the rain..get my self soaking wet and sit the test..in the most uncomfort way..yet my raincoat also wet..because of the rushin and i've to ride home safely from the test in cold..it's raining seriously heavy..kalo x xde ah kosmo cakap arau banjir

study..i was so panicky about everything misplace all the gadgets..and everything..examination slip not print yet..don't know where to start revising

than a bunch of words covered it all

"its a syndrom of the beginning of a final"


it wont be the same..

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