August 19, 2009


baru2 ni aku ade beli heli Rc so..lepak2 dgn a few client.. they ask me if iam into flying rc craft so cakap la minat gak heli tp aku pkai battery je blum up jadi nitro..

so then they somehow bleh citer sal farmer kt japan pkai heli pegi.. meracun tanaman cool en??

nk bli kt atok satu haha!!

client=If a rice farmer can afford a remote controlled helicopter he's getting paid too much.

jeb=And if a CEO runs a corporation into the ground he's definitely not being paid enough.

partner= Right, cause that's how it works, right? Pay me or fuck you? Like a pirate

haha then encik jasni said=haha the payment full nt sy byr ikut quotation ala kautim2 la...


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