November 16, 2009

my business byble

there's a few principle that i
in doing business..

-business person does not need capital:- a real business person grow their own capital that's need loans

-profit is a must:-a business will never be declared if there's no profit (event a cent).

-pity means nothing:- a business is consider unholy if there's pity involved.

-assets only know how to grows:-if an asset is valued down, then it is not an asset its a liability get rid of it,

-money is to exchanged not spent:-money is an object same as other things that got value , so exchanged it for the right values,

-lying is a skill:- skill needs money, skill is considered as part of service, when you feel like lying make sure it turns into money

-customer first:-of course....after they banked in the money!a person is consider as a customer when they pay!

-confident come with guts:-even you are 80percent sure with the facts,make sure the customer are 110percent believe in your words!

-commonsense is never a syllabus:- commonsense come with high state of tolerating, far away journey that has no ending! and of course with a lot of wrong steps..

-after the profit ,consider everything is done:- after you get the full payment , it is done! all track back of anything is a processing fee.

-first channel network can negotiate with all the principle above! only first channel network!
:-means closest friend,siblings and family they are your root network..

banyak lagi tapi ni je yg aku tuntut..dengan insiden arini...
mcm ramai org ckp

"skill comes with a lot of mistakes"

sial, arini betul2 teruji..!

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