May 23, 2010

being oneself percayalah

banyak org yg depend kt kita at one time kte kne konsider semua skali..percyalah ramai org yg bg aku penting dlm hidup ini..

being one self is a lot tougher


a lot of small thing is better left ignore

i tend not to leave my schedule just for being fully commit myself for something

at certain time we need to laid back

don' t argue bout my time with my friends and my mates

playing music..its the only way to get out of this mess..and trust me

doing all that is not a waste of my 24 hour a day

after all..aku bkn penganggur or org yg mmg xde keje

yg ptt dimarah atau dipertikai ketika melepak

percaya lah

melepak itu satu kerja bagi org yg serabut



demn i miss her...insan yg xpernah ade masalah , walaupn sgt clumsy , being with her is like being on another side of reality..hahaha..u bright my day

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