November 19, 2010

its been awhile

its been awhile since i last updated my blog in English

its kinda rusty now i guess . The venom might be not so poisonous like before.
life went well so far , i managed to buy a novel after too many year of avoiding the bookstore
the book itself entitle "how to kill a mocking bird" kinda fit me

later i found out TESL student of maktab perguruan is studying literature on that same book,
i thought it was cool enough to buy something that is ..well i guess..not publicly well known,
end up they used the same book , throw me to a place where me myself would call "lame"

haha! whats more? they already done a movie based on that fucking novel.. yoshhh!! im so lefties la...haha well atleast im not so ashamed la to admit it.

how t0 kill a mocking bird movie trailer <<<- click here for the trailer

thanks God im not the type who read in the public, or else the senior old timer readers would pass by me and gave a cynical look and said to his partner

"poor kid...get exposed to good stuff very2 late nowaday"

and the other old man would said back

"yaa.. i thought the internet thought them well , but this one i guess is very lack of good literature"

funny though...but it's a nice thing to be read..won pulitzer award.. and i have no clues whatever it is, but it managed to BOld the book among others novel, the novel setback to the time where the Negroes still does not have the equality among american

it mainly teaches to be so fucking tolerate..and now i am not so in tolerate to set up a literature studies on that book


fewh~ i appreciate this novel much compare to "rojak" a local author mixed story which i conclude another mockery of "chicken soup for a soul".. gladly i did not buy that

the main thing here , is the moment , moment where i return home from hanging out or spending times with my mates, instead of holding tight to joystick of my precious joy machine the PS2.. now i tend to stuck my ears up full with my earbud earphone that spitting out some good nice melodies from my little creature that i love the most "my mp3" and i will dive deep back to the back of the old uncle sam scene.. in that novel


lame eh? well i guess in every game there's always a pitch for a steady sit..

p/s- i bought the book with her...


alleya said...

its not lame tho.. its just lil late than others.. better late then never at all bace kn.. ekeke.. =)

nazrien said...

haha thanks!