June 17, 2011

my wishlist

there's few things running up my head

need and must buy

but soon i will

after all it is just another stupid wishlist of mine

first of all

my converse

need a new pair of those..this time it's badly worn out , itulah futsal itulah jogging and itulah hiking

new pair of sport shoes

well to makesure that my next sneakerswould be officially treated as it should


pretty damn hate the wallet but the calls hasn't been made yet for a new one


need one of those getting tired of my sandals ..pretty worn out too


need at least one ..i mean a new one haha the only reason would be ..its been ages since i last bought one?


i need a bass..but if i thinking of retiring i would be a no call

ipod touch

haha this is stupid ..but wishlist is stupid right? this should be up the top , but for the unreasonable reason you sink down the list hahha

that's all and im fucking proud because i updated my blog

sekian terima kasih


alleya said...

yeah..i wish ur wishlist come trueee..

nazrien said...

haha coming through...been nailing it one by one